Ghillie Kettle - 1.0 liter Hard Anodized in use

It's spring and time to enjoy the beauty of the natural world around us. In this video we headed out to a nature preserve in northern Michigan. The forest floor is covered with wild leeks this time of year. We set up the ghillie grill on top of a bed of coals after our boil up and roasted a few of them.

The New line up


We would like to introduce to you our new line up of hard anodized Ghillie kettles. These new kettles are protected by the anodization process which increases corrosion resistance and wear resistance. These kettles are the strongest most durable kettles on the market to date. They will be available in the kits which in include anodized cook pan and pot.  We also started to carry another product called the Mkettle which is also anodized and holds about a pint of water. The Mkettle was designed for lightweight hiking and backpacking.