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USGS uses kettle in the field

Tony Fischbach, Wildlife Biologist
Walrus Research Program
Alaska Science Center
U.S. Geological Survey

Tony Writes,

"We loved the kettle.

Here is a photo of it in use out on the barrier islands of Kasegaluk Lagoon in NW Alaska.

For one week we camped in an old Atco trailer on the edge of the abandoned town of Point Lay, walking each day down the beach to check to see if the walruses would join us.  In the end they were able to hold off on sparse ice in the eastern Chukchi, then stream over to Russia bypassing our beach camp.

We used the kettle to cook indoors using EtOH as the fuel & and outdoors using beach cast twigs.  In the photo, we are sauteing beach cast clams that the walruses had dug and the storms had driven ashore for us-- quite good with olive oil."